Title: The Journey of a Hero
Eventual Parings: Clark/Oliver, Harry/Draco
Minor Future Parings: Chloe/Bruce Wayne, Warren Peace/Will Stronghold
Warnings: Slash, AU
Spoilers: This is DH compliant with no Epilogue.
Credits: SVgurl, and Jayson
Betas: Dawn

Summary: Nine years after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry Potter decides to leave the Wizarding World. After deciding to live in America, he falls in love with a remote part of Kansas called Smallville, where he is sure that no one will find him. He doesn't count on meeting the local hero, Clark Kent and striking up a friendship that turns out to be more than he could have ever expected, changing Clark's life forever.

Notes: This story starts at the end of October 2006, shortly after the Green Arrow steals the Necklace from Martha’s neck. Clark and Chloe are 20, and Harry, Oliver, and Draco are 26.

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Disclaimer: All characters and places featured in this story that relate to the television show Smallville, the movie Sky High, and the book Harry Potter property of J.K. Rowling each are the sole property of its creators. I am not profiting from this story and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The only things about this story that I own are the storylines, places and characters that are not featured on the show/movie/books.


Harry Potter awoke one dreary Saturday morning in his London apartment with the desire to go back to bed. Groaning, Harry stretched, opened his eyes, looked around the mostly undecorated room, and decided that it was time for a change. This, of course, didn’t mean the dismal state of his room but a change in location.

For over a year Harry had thought about packing up and leaving. Things after the war never truly went back to normal though, with all the lives lost, it would be hard to be completely back to normal anyway. Hermione and Ron had moved on with their lives, leaving Harry to pick up the pieces of what was left of his after his failed relationship with Ginny.   After trying to make their relationship work off and on for the last eight years, they had mutually decided that perhaps they weren’t the best suited after all. After that, Harry had moved into a small one bedroom flat on the top floor of a building, not too far from Diagon Alley on the Muggle side of London.

At twenty-six, Harry Potter had a very lucrative career, but it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He was pretty sure that if he played his cards right, he would probably be recommended to take over as Head of the Auror division next year, but Harry didn’t really want the position.

Over the last seven years, Harry had taken to growing plants of the Muggle variety at The Phoenix Garden, a community garden not too far from his apartment.  Harry found the gardening very therapeutic, and helped him relax when he was having a troubling day. Harry secretly dreamed of owning his own farm someday, but he knew that if he stayed in the Wizarding World he would never get a chance to live that dream.

So, with an idea of a new future in his mind, Harry decided that emigrating to a new country would be a good idea. He could go somewhere, where he could completely hide out, and not have to worry about someone recognizing him. However, Harry hadn't spent much time in the Muggle world since he was seventeen, so he had very little idea of where to start in order to make the travel plans necessary for him to disappear.

After several hours of debating with himself he Apparated to Diagon Alley and made his way to Gringotts. His relations with the Goblins were tenuous at best; they had long memories and the idea that he was the only person to successfully break into their bank was something that irked them like nothing else. However, after helping to rebuild the damaged areas, the Goblins decided that as long as Harry promised never to do it again, they would continue to serve his banking needs.

Walking up to the counter, Harry asked the attendant to summon his account representative Goldfarb, who was the executor of his estate and had been for several generations. He was someone that Harry trusted, and he figured that he would be the best person to ask about exchanging Galleons to Muggle Money. He also knew that he could count on the Goblin’s discretion, and that if there was an emergency; at least Goldfarb would still need to know where he was.

After a very productive meeting Harry was given a list of Gringotts locations that he could visit in order to exchange galleons to dollars while living in America. Goldfarb was more than happy to arrange the necessary documentation for him to establish his new persona for a small fee. He also pointed Harry to the office where he could open a Muggle bank account. This would not only enable him to manage his money easily in day to day transactions in the Muggle world, but would also further establish his credentials as an upstanding citizen (rather than someone running from trouble).

Harry, who was feeling happier than he had in years, Apparated home, got a cup of tea, and began to look over several maps that he had obtained from the local library that day. He had researched all the places that could handle the kind of farm that he wanted to own, and came to a single location, Kansas. Harry didn’t know where in Kansas he would settle, but he figured he would know it when he saw it.


Clark Kent awoke to another day in Smallville, Kansas. Stretching, Clark got up and began his daily chores. Since Lois was living at the farm at the moment, Clark had to do the chores the hard way. Clark didn’t know what possessed his mother to hire Lois as her Chief of Staff. A couple weeks ago, though it seemed like just yesterday to Clark, Lois had told billionaire Oliver Queen that he should aim higher than delivering for the rich and arrogant, and promptly shut the door in his face.

Needless to say, Lois was extremely lucky that Oliver Queen was a forgiving person. In fact, Oliver found it rather amusing that Lois didn’t know who he was, and had asked her out on a few dates over the past several weeks, but she'd only accepted twice. However, it really wasn’t meant to be, as Oliver didn’t trust Lois enough to tell her that he was secretly the Green Arrow.

Clark had found out about Oliver’s secret identity early on, which made him feel slightly guilty for not doing the same thing. Oliver didn’t even have super powers, and he fought crime every day. Though, Clark had to stop Oliver from doing several stupid things including using a healing drug that made Oliver quite the asshole for awhile.

Oliver had left just under two weeks ago and, oddly enough, he kept in contact with Clark. They talked just about every day in between their own daily activities. Clark found it odd at first, but after a while he began to realize that the phone calls were something they both really looked forward to.


It had been six weeks since Harry had begun officially getting his affairs in order. He had been in contact with his realtor in Kansas, and had an appointment for later the next day to view the properties he had found for sale, so he had to make sure he was in town by then. Luckily, no one in the wizarding world had caught wind that he was leaving, so it made it that much easier.

He planned on leaving a note for Ron and Hermione, telling them that he was moving, and would be in contact when he could. He didn’t tell him where he was moving to, since that would defeat the purpose of leaving. He knew that if he didn’t leave a note, Hermione would think that he had been kidnapped or was dead.

Harry now had plenty of Muggle paperwork including a new birth certificate, a driver’s licence, and a passport that listed his new name. Not that Harry really needed to have the passport as he wouldn’t be entering America through normal routes, but it was good just in case. He had also decided to make several trips around before continuing to his destination to throw off anyone trying to follow him. It happened so often since the war, which was one of the many reasons that Harry was leaving the wizarding world.

That night Harry went to bed knowing that the only thing he had to pack in the morning before he headed out was his bed. Luckily, Harry had become very adept at Shrinking Spells, so he wouldn’t even have to make it before packing it.

The next morning, Harry Apparated to Hogsmeade, entered the Three Broomsticks and used the Floo to transport himself to the British International Floo Network Headquarters. When he arrived, he received special Floo powder that would transport him to the American International Floo Headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts.

On arrival in Salem, Harry went to the Gringotts sister bank, Wells-Fargo, and took out a sizable amount of funds in order to travel, and booked a ticket to Topeka, Kansas. Having never flown before without a broomstick between his legs, Harry was a little shaken with the differences between flying under his own power and flying in an aeroplane.

Finally landing in Topeka, Harry walked into the bathroom, checked the stalls to make sure that no one was around, and used his new glamour spell that he had developed to change his appearance to the one he chose for Bradley. He walked outside, flagged a cab, and told him to take him to a nice hotel.

After checking into the Hilton under his new name, Bradley Randall Matthews, Harry unpacked his new chest, opening the right section to reveal his new wardrobe. Once inside, he selected a nice Muggle suit, and laid it on his bed. His appointment at the Century 21 office was set for three o’clock, so he wanted to make sure he had plenty of time to get there.

After Harry had showered, he used a shaving spell with his replacement wand. Looking down at his wand, he sighed. It still after several years, didn’t entirely feel right in his hand. One would think that after all the months of use, he'd be more comfortable with his new wand. After his original one was repaired by the Elder Wand, it had only worked for a short period of time, before it suddenly stopped working properly and he’d had no choice but to get a new one.

Ollivander had told Harry that the wand had stopped working mainly because he wasn’t the same person anymore, which Harry supposed was true. He was no longer a vessel for an evil piece of soul, so of course his wand would be different. The Elder Wand, of course, still worked for Harry, but he knew it wasn’t a good idea to carry it around. It was locked in a safe in Hogwarts that only Harry could open. It was better that way in the long run.

After getting dressed, he took the lift downstairs and hailed a cab to his appointment. He just hoped the six weeks notice he gave the man would have been long enough to find some decent farm land.


After the destruction of another 33.1 lab, Oliver returned to Metropolis for a much needed break, and to recuperate from the stressful mission. The rest of the Justice League, as they were now called, took a small vacation and would reconvene in a month unless something important happened in the meantime. The first thing he did when he got in was call Clark, who sounded very happy that he was back. Having missed Clark in the short time he’d been away Oliver suggested they  get together in Metropolis that afternoon to catch up on anything that they hadn’t talked about in the last several days.

They met at a local restaurant which Oliver owned, named Impact. It was a lovely Italian restaurant that served some of the best pasta dishes in Metropolis. Since they couldn’t decide wither they wanted the Lasagne, or the Chicken Alfredo, they decided to order both and share. They got extra plates, and piled bits of each dish on the plates.

The banter between the pair bordered on flirting throughout the whole meal. Clark had realized over the past few weeks that Oliver was quite witty when he wanted to be, and found himself really enjoying the meal. He felt he probably should be uncomfortable with Oliver openly flirting with him, but on the contrary, Clark felt, happy.

After catching up on each others week, and finishing their superb meal, Oliver suggested they go back to the Tower to watch some movies. After several movies, Clark fell asleep on the couch, his head dropping on Oliver’s shoulder. Looking up at the sudden weight on his shoulder, Oliver smiled at the oblivious brunette.  Not willing to forgo the chance to hold the person he’d been daydreaming about he snuggled further down into the couch to get comfortable, wrapped his arms around the gorgeous man and took a nap himself. 


Harry arrived at the local Century 21 office, and was escorted to a rather comfortable office in the back. He was surprised that he was actually dealing with the owner of the branch office. After introducing himself to Mr. Wallace, Harry had a seat in a charming wingback chair.  Mr. Wallace picked up a folder off his desk, and handed it to Harry. It seemed there were only two properties that were for sale in the whole state.

They were actually not too far from each other, and were in the same town. However, one was more of a ranch than a farm. If Harry wanted to raise horses, it would be an ideal place, but Harry wanted a real farm. After looking at the inventory of items that came with the property, a rather big question entered his mind.

“It looks like farm production stopped in the middle of a season. Is there any indication why? The land wasn’t suddenly barren, or something right?”

“I don’t actually know, Mr. Matthews. All I was able to find out was that the owner disappeared when he was about to be arrested for several crimes. The whole thing sounded suspicious to me, but the current owner, LuthorCorp, was willing to sell it at a substantial discount. Nothing in the paperwork would tell me why that is. I tried to find some newspaper articles or something that would tell me about it, but I couldn’t find anything. There might be a local who would be able to tell you. I mean short of the fields being barren, it sounded like a deal you would be interested in. All the equipment is there to begin planting as soon as the spring season starts. The house on the property could use some fixing up though.”

“Well, I obviously want to see the property first, so if you could arrange a tour, that would be great. As far as why it was abandoned, or being sold so cheaply, perhaps a neighbour or something may be helpful? Since it’s the only place right now for sale, it’s definitely something I want to see.”

“All right, I will contact LuthorCorp today, and see if I can arrange it. I may not get an answer until the morning. Where can I contact you with the response?” Mr. Wallace asked.

“That sounds great. You can contact me at the Hilton in room 345 any time after 8 am. I look forward to your call, Mr. Wallace.” Harry said as he stood to shake his hand. “If this one doesn’t work out, I may look at the other one just encase. One never knows, with all the years of being fertilized by horses, it may be prime farmland by now.”

Mr. Wallace nodded. “Fair enough, so expect my call sometime in the late morning, or early afternoon, regardless of if I hear back from them just to give you an update. I will do my best to get you the one that is actually a farm. If it doesn’t, then I will look into the other property as well. It has been in the same family for several generations, but after the meteor shower there a couple of times, the owners decided to sell.”

“Meteor showers?” he asked, sounding rather puzzled. “When did that happen last?”

“Well, they have had two meteor showers in the last 19 years, from what I understand. It is one of the reasons the house needs to be fixed up. A giant piece of meteor rock fell in the living room. The owners repaired the roof and took the rock out, but they didn’t really do much else. It shouldn’t take a contractor long to finish the damaged areas.”

“That’s okay, I am actually pretty good with my hands, so I will probably be able to fix it up no problem. Just get me the tour and I can figure out if I can fix it without help or not. Have a nice day Mr. Wallace.”

“You too, Mr. Matthews.”


Clark awoke later that evening, on a warm breathing pillow. His super hearing noticed that the pillow had a heartbeat, and he was momentarily confused. Opening his eyes he lifted his head, only to realize that his head had been resting on Oliver’s chest and that Oliver was staring down at him watching him sleep. Mumbling his apologies, Clark sat up and looked around.

“Nothing to apologize for Clark. I think I was using you as a pillow as well.” Oliver said with a smile.

Clark looked stunned for a moment. It had been a wonderful feeling to actually wake up in someone’s arms again. He thought he would be weirded out that it was Oliver instead of a girl, but he didn’t feel odd at all, which was saying something considering his past relationships were all with women. He actually felt better than he had in a long while. 

Oliver was very happy to wake up in Clark’s arms. He knew he was developing a pretty major crush on Clark, and he had watched him sleep for over a half hour before Clark woke up, rounding off a very enjoyable evening. He felt a sudden loss when Clark moved, but he noticed that Clark didn’t seem to be upset that he woke up in his arms, so he held hope that perhaps Clark wasn’t as straight as he appeared to be. Maybe, if he just went slowly, Clark would come to like him as more than just a friend. He could dream couldn’t he?


Author Notes: The Phoenix Garden information is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Garden


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